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What home textile people need to know about bedding products

2024-01-04 00:00:00 15

Types of fabrics used in the kit: pure cotton, polyester-cotton, chemical fiber, and silk. Pure cotton fabrics are suitable for all seasons. They have relatively good hygroscopicity and moisture removal properties, and are also warmer than other materials. At the same time, cotton fiber, as a natural material, does not have any irritation or side effects when it comes into contact with the skin. The feel of polyester-cotton fabric is close to that of pure cotton and has better smoothness. Generally, four-piece sets are made of polyester-cotton fabric with a ratio of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, which is less comfortable than pure cotton. Chemical fiber is also called polyester and polyester fiber. Sometimes businesses use various nice names to confuse the situation. The four-piece set of chemical fiber fabrics is the cheapest. It sells for about 50 on a certain website, and it is basically polyester. Although it is strong and durable, it may pill due to static electricity. The commonly used raw materials for flannel and coral velvet in winter are also polyester. Real silk (mulberry silk) is the most high-end fabric, with a price of more than 1,000. It feels soft and comfortable, and is known as the most suitable material for sleeping naked. But it gets dirty easily, so it needs to be washed frequently and kept away from direct sunlight. After all, it is the most expensive, so it needs careful care. The coloring process of the kit: printing, dyeing, embroidery, jacquard, yarn-dyed. The four-piece printing set and the dyeing four-piece set are of similar quality. They are divided into paint printing and reactive printing. Paint printing only fades easily on the surface of the fabric, while reactive printing paint will Penetrating into the fiber, the color is bright and the feel is softer. The embroidered four-piece set is to embroider patterns on the quilt surface and pillow surface. It is usually based on dyeing and has a higher grade. The four-piece jacquard set has a more complex process and a higher cost. It looks like a watermark-like concave and convex texture. The texture is softer and more delicate, has better gloss, better hand feel, and better breathability. The four-piece yarn-dyed set is woven with warp and weft yarns of different colors. The fabric has good thickness and texture, and the colors on the front and back are exactly the opposite. It has a strong three-dimensional effect, small shrinkage, and is not easy to fade, but the cost is much higher than ordinary ones. The weaving structure of the kit: plain weave, twill, and satin plain weave fabrics have many interweaving points, are firm in texture, scratchy, and have a smooth surface. The appearance of the front and back sides is the same. The density of the plain weave fabric cannot be too high, it is relatively light and thin, and has good wear resistance. Twill fabric is relatively dense and thick, soft to the touch, strong in three-dimensionality, shiny and elastic. However, under the same conditions of warp and weft yarn thickness and density, the wear resistance and firmness are not as good as plain weave fabric. The cost of satin fabric is high. Compared with other fabrics, the texture is softer, the surface is smooth and delicate, and the fabric has a unique luster, but its durability is relatively poor. Fabric count of the set Fabric count is the key to choosing a four-piece set, it indicates the thickness of the yarn. The higher the number, the finer the yarn and the softer it feels. The unit of "branch" is usually represented by "S". The common ones are: 32S, 40S, 60S, 80S. Generally, those above 40S are called "high-end". However, cloth with a high count also has high requirements for raw material quality, and also has relatively high requirements for spinners and weaving factories, so the cost of the cloth is also higher, and of course the final selling price is also high. Try to choose 40 or above for a four-piece set.