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Bed quilt cover, pillowcase and sheet set production process

2024-03-21 00:00:00 14

Four-piece production process

1. Weaving process:

Weaving is the first process in the production of a four-piece set. In the weaving process, raw materials need to be prepared first. Textile raw materials are usually used, such as cotton, linen, silk, wool, etc. Then, the raw materials are processed, such as degumming, bleaching, dyeing, etc., for subsequent weaving work. Next, the processed raw material is divided into fine yarns and woven through a loom. After weaving is completed, the woven fabric needs to be sorted, such as trimming, shaping, etc., to facilitate subsequent processing.

2. Cutting process:

Cutting is the second process in the production of four-piece sets. In the cutting process, the woven fabric needs to be cut according to the design drawings and size requirements. The cutting process requires the use of cutting tools, such as scissors, cutting machines, etc. After cutting is completed, the cut fabric needs to be sorted, such as trimming threads, ironing, etc., to facilitate subsequent sewing processes.

3. Sewing process:

Sewing is the third process in the production of four-piece sets. In the sewing process, the cut fabrics need to be spliced and sewn using a sewing machine. The sewing process requires attention to the selection of sewing threads and the quality of sewing to ensure the strength and beauty of the four-piece set. During the sewing process, some auxiliary work is also required, such as pleating, turning, etc., to facilitate subsequent fine processing.

4. Fine processing procedures:

Fine machining is the final process in the production of four-piece sets. In the fine processing process, the four-piece set that has been sewn needs to be sorted and modified. First, the threads need to be trimmed and ironed to make the four-piece set smoother and more beautiful. Next, some decorative work can be performed as needed, such as embroidery, bronzing, etc., to increase the artistry and uniqueness of the four-piece set. Finally, the four-piece set is inspected and packaged to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements and is easy to transport and sell.

Through the above four processes, the production of the four-piece set is completed. Each process has its own unique work requirements and technical points, which require professional operation and strict quality control to ensure the quality and performance of the final product. At the same time, during the production process of four-piece sets, attention must be paid to safety and environmental protection, and relevant regulations and standards must be followed to protect the health of workers and the sustainable development of the environment. Through scientific process flow and meticulous work attitude, high-quality four-piece sets can be produced to meet people's needs for comfort and beauty.