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سنس 2006


KOSMOS Home Textile Founded in 2002,is specialized in producting bedding. Our company is located in Nantong,Jiangsu province,which bounds the name "City of Home Textile". We are equipped with an innovative R&D term,an independent market operating system and a complete production base to provide fashionable home textile. Our production enjoys a high reputation both in home and abroad.

KOSMOS puts whole heart to improve the quality of family life and always stands in front of fashion so as to build a comfortable and refined environment.With its special characters, high quality and innovated design, it has followed the step of modern life.

It’s KOSMOS’s ultimate goal to make a contribution to improve of the life condition as well as its own development.On advantage of convenient traffic,rich resources and deeply business culture.

بنیادی معلومات

Company:KOSMOS Home Textile

: 2006 کا سال قائم کیا

بزنس کی قسم : ڈویلپر اینڈ ٹریڈنگ کمپنی

Employees: Below 100

مین مارکیٹ : شمالی امریکہ ، جنوبی امریکہ ، مشرقی ایشیاء ، مشرق وسطی

مصنوعات کی برآمد کے لئے قریب ترین بندرگاہ : شنگھائی ، نانٹونگ

تجارتی طرز کے تحت فراہمی کی شقیں : ایف او بی ، سی ایف آر ، سی آئی ایف

قابل قبول ادائیگی کرنے کے طریقے : T / T ، L / C

کاروباری کاروبار : 3 - 5 ملین ہر سال

بنیادی خدمات : ٹیکسٹائل کی تیاری اور پروسیسنگ

Address: Qi'An Industrial,Tongzhou District, Nantong city,China

برآمدی حجم : 3 - 5 ملین ہر سال

محکمہ خارجہ تجارت کے ملازمین کی تعداد ~ 6 `10

محققین کی تعداد : 5 ~ 10

کوالٹی انسپکٹرز کی تعداد : 5 ~ 10

Number of all the employees: Below 100

مارکیٹ کا علاقہ

By virtue of popular design and high quality,Jintian Textile(Nantong) Co.,Ltd expanded their business continuously in overseas and local market.Especially in South Amercia and Middle Eastern,our business nearly covered all the countries in these two areas.Also we have many cooperators in other countries.Now our company committed ourselves to developing more business.We sincerely hope that we can make progress and work together to promote common develop with new and old customers.

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