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Invitation for the GO TEX FAIR 2018

2019-09-19 00:00:00 35

ליב אַלע:

וואס מאכסטו!

I'd like to invite all you come and have a look at our booth on the

124th China Import & Export Fair ¨C GuangZhou (PAZHOU COMPLEX)

3rd Phase,   OCT.31--NOV.4  2018

We'll show you our new designs and give you best price. and Pls kindly note our booth No. 15.2 F 38-39 and 14.2F24-25.

מיר קוקן פאָרויס צו זען איר דאָרט ~

ישר כח, און בעסטע גריסן,

Yours Faithfully

Mr William Lee

עקספּאָרט דעפּט.


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